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Improvising easily leads to writing your own music!

Lars Tidholm has been working as a composer since the early seventies producing music of great diversity: neoclassical, jazz, blues, folklore, bossanova, ballads, boogie-woogie, lullabys, ragtime etc. Currently a total of more than 50 items . In 2021 he was awarded a grant from the Swedish Arts Grants Committee - Konstnärsnämnden.

Some numbers have been recorded for various CD-productions. Others have been published in books as sheet music for educational purposes. Please visit Spotify, SoundCloud, Drooble or YouTube to listen!

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More here: Mindful piano!


A new educational book for pianostudents. The book contains 24 pieces in a variety of styles and also some excercises in improvisation.
A complete CD comes with the book.  Free sample of sheetmusic to print here!
(Notfabriken Music Publ. AB, Sweden)


Preview and order here: Piano Plus

"Pianobiten" is the title of the first book, that was published in 1990 by Svensk Skolmusik. The swedish translation would be "the pianotune" but also "a pianoaddict". The book presents another 12 pieces in a variety of musical styles.


All pieces reissued in Mindful Piano!

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Also represented here!


"Wow... this (the album) is literally sitting for 2 hours and just discuss every little note, length, placement, .. for younger musicians to learn... absolutely astonishing... !"


  JNRealms on Drooble

"Hey all, I highly recommend this music! Lars Tidholm is an amazing composer, and you'll really enjoy :)"

  Eric L Carlson - musician, composer, USA


"Back when I was a piano teacher, I used to think that your piano school had amongst the most tasteful and likeable tunes of any of the numbers of Swedish piano school literature at the time."

  Fredrik Park - composer, Sweden

On the piece ”Nattfjärilen”:
”Like a cross between Frederic Chopin, Erik Satie, Claude Debussy, Carl Nielsen, Leopold Godowsky, Bill Evans. Hur tjusigt som helst! (english: Very nice!)”

  Patrick Alexander Ytting - pianist, composer

Swedish review (translation):      

"Lars Tidholm has since 1960 been active as a pianist in various Swedish jazz band, and he also has 30 years experience as a piano teacher. He has previously published "Pianobiten" (1990) and participated in a number of discs.
This collection contains 24 new piano pieces by Tidholm. The arrangements are easy, many different styles give great variety, and everything is very well organized educationally. There are plenty of exercises in improvisation and also a little "blues tutorial". The pieces are very melodious, and Tidholm has been very successful in capturing the nature of each genre: catchy blues, rag and boogie-woogie, beautiful classical-sounding pieces, ballads, evergreens a la bar pianist, to name a few. Two of the songs can be practiced for four hands.
Each piece is accompanied by a short, personal note with tips (in swedish!). All pieces can be enjoyed on the included CD. The collection is highly recommended as teaching materials for musicschools, private piano teachers and of course for those who on their own want to practice on pieces that are not too hard, but still sounds good. "

  Karin Moberg, Bibliotekstjänst

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